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Buffet Items for Lots of Kids’ Parties

by Kimberly Hays August 8th, 2014| Holiday Help
Holiday How-To2_400x400There is always a reason for a kid’s party, whether it is for a birthday, holiday, back to school party, or sports team get-together after a game. It can be a lot of work, especially if your kids like to have parties often. To keep the work to a

A Lighthouse Craft That Kids Love

by Kimberly Hays August 7th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
lighthouse (400x400)Lighthouses are very magical, and are always a beautiful sight when you visit the sea. If they seem huge and majestic to an adult, just imagine how they look through a child’s eyes. They can not only enjoy making this craft, but can also use it on their nightstand

Under the Sea Crayon Resist Craft

by Tania Cowling August 4th, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
Under the SeaWhen visiting the beach or any other body of water, think about all the sea life that lives there. Take an observation walk with your children to look for creatures on the sandy shore and inside the ocean. Usually we can’t see big fish where we bathe, but taking

A Crabby Beach Party Craft

by Kimberly Hays July 31st, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
crabby beach craft (400x400)Beach themed parties are common in the summer months, especially for birthday parties. Kids love all things related to the beach and the ocean, and are fascinated with the creatures beneath the sea. This is a fun craft for the kids to make, and also an inexpensive craft to

Build Your Beach Party With Seaworthy Snacks

by Tania Cowling July 29th, 2014| Food, Party Snacks
hawaii-244473_640Whether you are partying at the seashore, lakeside, or just around the family pool, beach-themed snacks quench an appetite with fun. Make sure to pack the cooler with plenty of juice boxes, bottled water, and a variety of sandwiches – but if you add a few of these snack

Kids’ Summer Birthday Party Themes & Decorations

by Tania Cowling July 22nd, 2014| Decorations
file0001737528382Birthdays come every year and planning parties can sometimes be overwhelming for parents. But it shouldn’t be — it’s a memorable time for you and your child. The easiest way to go is with a theme. A central theme simplifies all the aspects of party planning — the invitations,

Bookmark Birthday Craft For Kids Ages 6 and Under

by Tania Cowling July 21st, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
Birthday Craft BookmarkersBirthday parties should have a variety of activities to entertain young children. Making party crafts has a dual purpose — as a party activity and a take-home favor. When working with children ages six and under, think simple and age appropriate. Creating a bookmark is perfect for summer parties,

Multi-Family Backyard Camping Party

by Kimberly Hays July 18th, 2014| Holiday Help
file0002101443875 Many people are opting for a staycation instead of a vacation due to high gas prices and other factors. Vacationing at home can become boring after a few days, but you can make it more fun by including one or more families. Set up tents in the backyard,

A Snowman CD Ornament Craft for Kids 7 and Up

by Kimberly Hays July 17th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
snowman craft (400x400)Summer is here, and in many places in the country it is sweltering hot! Thinking back to winter, it would feel pretty good to have a blast of cold air from Old Man Winter swoop through. It may not be cold, but we can still have a little winter

Winter in Summer Celebration With Fun Snacks

by Tania Cowling July 15th, 2014| Food, Party Snacks
ice-chocolate-245475_640It’s ironic to think about winter during the hot, blazing days of summer, but why not tap into your creativity when preparing snacks to treat your family? And, think how refreshingly something cool on a summer day will tickle the taste buds. So, whether you yearn for something snow

Melting Snowman Craft for Kids Age 6 and Under

by Tania Cowling July 14th, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
Melting SnowmanWhile your children are enjoying their summer vacation with outdoor play and swimming, why not change the theme one day to “winter in summer?” It may be just a change of pace for residents in the northern states, but a true excitement for kids that live down South who

Ocean in a Bottle Summer Craft for Kids

by Kimberly Hays July 10th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
DSC_0048 (2) (400x400)You can’t think about summer without images of the beach coming to mind and the waves of the ocean crashing on shore. This fun craft will bring all of those memories to the forefront, and the kids will have a lot of fun making their own waves. You most
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