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patriotic sunglasses craft (400x400)

Veterans Day Sunglasses Craft for Kids

by Kimberly Hays November 6th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
Kids love to dress up for holidays, and whether you are going to attend a Veterans Day parade or having a get-together at home to celebrate, the kids will have fun wearing these sparkly sunglasses. As this is such an inexpensive craft, it is also a great group craft.

Celebrate Veterans Day with Family Activities

by Tania Cowling November 4th, 2014| Holiday Activities
Veterans Day, also known as Armistice Day, is celebrated on November 11th in the United States. Back in May (Memorial Day) we honored soldiers who have died to serve their country, whereas Veterans Day commemorates all people in the military – and especially those living who are doing their
Veteran's Day Poppies

A Symbolic Poppy Craft for Veterans Day

by Tania Cowling November 3rd, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
The red poppy flower has been associated with Veterans Day since its first observance, as Armistice Day, in 1919. A military doctor, John McCrae, wrote a poem, In Flanders Fields, about the battles in World War I. The poppy became a symbol because of all the poppies that bloomed
airplane craft (400x400)

An Airplane From an Old Shampoo Bottle

by Kimberly Hays October 30th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
In honor of Aviation History Month we are presenting crafts to celebrate flight. I’m a huge fan of recycling items to use for crafts, so I am using an empty shampoo bottle to make an airplane. If you don’t have an empty shampoo bottle on hand right now, you

Books for Aviation History Month in November

by Tania Cowling October 28th, 2014| Books
Use the month of November to enthrall your family with Aviation History. Throughout the years, flight has taken many forms, from hot air balloons, to early historic airplane flights, to even space travel. Pick up some books from your local library or bookstore to read about famous air travel
Wooden Airplane Craft 2

A Simple Airplane Craft for Aviation History Month

by Tania Cowling October 27th, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
Young children look up whenever they hear an airplane. They are fascinated by the sound, by the glint of sunlight on the shiny metal, and by the sight of a big noisy object moving in the sky. Since November marks National Aviation History Month you can use this interest
glow in the dark space craft(400x400)

Glow in the Dark Space Objects Craft

by Kimberly Hays October 23rd, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
In honor of Space Week 2014 we are going to show you how to make a craft that the kids will enjoy hanging in their bedroom. While making this craft you can spend some time talking about outer space, the constellations, the moon landing, and the planets. You can

Engage in Fun Games During Space Week

by Tania Cowling October 21st, 2014| Games
October is when we celebrate awareness of outer space. It’s not an official holiday, but a time to reflect on our missions to space and teach the children about its properties. Where were you on July 20, 1969? Do you remember or have you heard about our astronauts landing
Celestial Craft

A Celestial Craft for Space Week

by Tania Cowling October 20th, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
During the month of October we celebrate space awareness. Children all over the world look up at the night sky and are amazed at the bright moon and twinkling stars surrounding it. This is the perfect time to discuss the phases (shapes) of the moon and spark your child’s
Frankenstein can craft (400x400)

Make Frankenstein From a Can

by Kimberly Hays October 16th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
All of the kids are getting excited about Halloween so they are sure to want to make Halloween crafts.  This craft is made by recycling a can (I saved a can from green beans) that they will paint and add items to that will make a not so scary
Monster Craft

Halloween Monster Craft for Young Children

by Tania Cowling October 13th, 2014| Ages 6 and under, Crafts
Halloween is an exciting time for children. It appeals to their imaginations, stimulating an inner urge to be something or someone else and to fantasize about it. Ghouls, goblins, and monsters come to mind during this time of year. Whether it’s Frankenstein, the king of monsters, or one a
mummy (400x400)

A Fun Mummy Craft for Halloween

by Kimberly Hays October 9th, 2014| Ages 7 and over, Crafts
There are so many Halloween crafts that kids enjoy making, but I must say that this is the best ever, in my opinion. Not only is it easy and fun to make, but the kids will enjoy playing with it for hours and hours. These mummies don’t take long
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