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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

by Jessica B. | March 8th, 2012 | Crafts

It’s almost St. Patty’s Day! What better way to celebrate the Irish than with a few different St. Patrick’s Day themed crafts. Get out your green construction paper, your green glitter, and your four-leaf clovers.

Here are some easy and fun activities for you and your kids. These crafts are best for children ages 2 and up. As always, you can tweak them to make them easier or more difficult – and you can use things you find at home or head out to the craft’s store and buy special supplies, whatever you prefer.

1) Four-leaf clover – Everyone knows four-leaf clovers are good luck, but unfortunately they are not easy to find. It might be best to make your own. Best for ages 2-4.


Construction paper – Green and assorted colors (alternatively green felt)





Crayons – Green and black


Draw a large clover on a piece of green construction paper. Use your scissors to cut it out. (If you are working with small children, you can pre-cut the clovers).

Decorate your clover with glitter and crayons. You can add stickers and anything else you can find to make your clover sparkle.

Glue your clover to another piece of construction paper to frame it.

Save and use as a good luck charm!

2) Leprechaun costume – Get into the St. Patty’s mood and dress like a leprechaun this year. This is an activity better geared towards older children 4-8.


Green and white paperboard

Cotton balls dyed red (pre-dye them – use a few drops of red food coloring in a cup of water)

Green Glitter

Black construction paper


Decorative material


Elastic band

1) The hat – Cut out a sheet of green paperboard, and roll it into a circle that will fit on your head. This will be the main part of your hat. Tape the sides together. Place the main part of your hat on another piece of green paperboard, and draw another circle that is about 3 inches wider than the main part of your hat. Then draw another circle directly around the main part of your hat. This piece will be the brim of your hat. Cut out the brim, and glue it to the main part of your hat.

Use the empty middle piece as the top.

Decorate your hat with black construction paper; you can make a clover or a belt buckle.

2) The beard – Cut out a piece of white paper board that is big enough to cover your chin. Cover it with red cotton balls. Attach the elastic band to both sides of the paperboard. Make sure the elastic band gives enough to fit the beard over your head.

Put on your Leprechaun hat and beard – you are ready to play for St. Patty’s day!

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