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Pi Day Books for Kids

by T Akery | February 27th, 2012 | Books

On March 14th we celebrate the mysterious mathematical number (pi) used to calculate the area of a circle. This number, symbolized by a Greek letter, is heralded as one of the most significant mathematical achievements. The concept of pi, and its history, can be found in these books.

Even though pi is a mathematical truth introduced in later grade levels, kids can still get a head start on this concept with Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi. This mythical story takes kids on an adventure against an evil dragon. In order to defeat the dragon and to save his father, Radius must find out what pi is. The book takes names from the mathematical world for its characters. For kids, this entertaining book will help introduce pi in a kid-friendly platform.

Piece of Pi: Wit-Sharpening, Brain-Bruising, Number-Crunching Activities with Pi is a book where kids can practice the concept of using pi. It offers exercises where children can learn some of the real life applications of pi, such as its use in making hats or in astronomy. It can be used as a supplement for classroom work or as part of a home school curriculum.

Easy as Pi: The Countless Ways We Use Numbers Everyday is a book designed to help kids understand the use of pi outside of the classroom. It tells of how mathematics influences our society and life. Rather than using numbers as examples, it is more of an informational book about why numbers are important in the real world. Part of understanding pi is understanding why the number is really needed. This book will give your kids valuable insight into the world of numbers and recognizing their importance.

Pi can be a difficult concept for kids to grasp, but with the help of books, they will understand why pi is important in every day applications. Whether it is through story-telling or explaining what purpose it has, the goal of these books is to make pi easier for kids.

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