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Easter Crafts

by Jessica B. | March 19th, 2012 | Crafts

It’s time to get out your pastel construction paper, tissue paper, and other spring-themed craft stuff for Easter. Easter is a great time to sit down and get creative with your little ones, and there are so many different projects you can try. We will take a look at a few easy things you can do at home: Easter paper plate masks, Easter hat decorations, and egg shell mosaics.

Easter Paper Plate Masks – An activity for 2-9 year olds.  We will make simple masks with a bunny or chick face on them.


Construction paper or tissue paper – yellow, pink, black etc. – could be pre-cut into noses, beaks, cheeks, etc. or could allow children to cut

Pipe cleaners


Paper plates


Large popsicle sticks

1) Cut out two eyeholes (if your children are younger, you can do this ahead of time).

2) Choose if you are going to make a bunny or a chick.  If you are going to make a chick, cut out a large piece of yellow paper or tissue paper, and glue it to your plate.

3) Glue a beak or nose on your animal.

4) If you are making a bunny, add pipe cleaner whiskers.

5) Give your animal rosy or orange cheeks.

6) Glue your mask to a popsicle stick, and hold it in front of your face.

Easter Bonnet Decorations – This is a good activity for older children, ages 7-12.


A traditional Easter bonnet

Freshly picked flowers


Greenery – grasses or leaves

1) Pick the flowers and greenery with your children; let them select what they would like. If you don’t have access to freshly growing flowers, you can bring your kids with you to the flower store to select their own.

2) Cut the flowers down to size and poke them into the woven hat. Mix the greenery in with the flowers to even it out.

3) Tie a ribbon around the base of the flowers to cover the spots where they attach to the hat. You can tie the ribbon in a great big bow.

Eggshell Mosaics – A good craft for kids from 6-12 – an alternative way to use dyed eggshells.


Eggshells (you can use your left over dyed Easter eggs or you can use new ones – the eggs don’t have to be cooked, you can use your left over shells from breakfast)

Paper or drawings to decorate with your mosaic


Lacquer (optional)

1) Clean your eggshells of any membranes – if you are using non-dyed eggs, dye them overnight using eggshell dye or food coloring.

2) Break your eggshell into tiny pieces.

3) Use your tiny eggshell pieces to make a mosaic of anything you choose. For Easter themes, try using an outline of a chick or bunny.  Put down glue, and stick the eggshells where you want them.

4) If you want to preserve your mosaic, cover it with lacquer.

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