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Fun Dreidel Craft for Kids 6 and Under

by Tania Cowling December 1st, 2016
A traditional game played during Hanukkah involves a spinning top called a dreidel. The dreidel is decorated with the first four letters (one on each side) from the Hebrew phrase Nes gadol hayah sham, which means “ A great miracle happened there.” To play this game of chance, players
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Hanukkah Menorah Craft for Kids Ages 6 and Under

by Tania Cowling November 24th, 2016
Hanukkah, sometimes spelled Chanukah, is a Jewish festival beginning on the 25th day of Kislev, the third month of the Jewish lunar calendar. It is usually in the month of December. During this holiday the people of the Jewish faith light a Menorah, which is an eight-branched candelabra that signifies the days the people of Israel used to cleanse their temple that was ruined during battle with the Syrians. One day’s worth of oil was found and miraculously it
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Make a Turkey on a Door Craft

by Kimberly Hays November 17th, 2016
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because there is no fuss over gifts, and everyone just enjoys being together and sharing that special Thanksgiving meal. Kids get really excited because of all of the fun of being with friends and cousins, and making crafts for the Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. This craft will be fun to make, but they can also use this to decorate the front door to welcome everyone to Thanksgiving dinner, or to decorate
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  • Candy Corn Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

    by Tania Cowling November 10th, 2016
    The turkey is by far the most familiar symbol of Thanksgiving. It has long provided us with our Thanksgiving dinner, but there is no way to know for sure if the wild turkey was part of the first Thanksgiving feast. Some historians say the meat was deer, others say fowl and fish. The turkey consumed at our tables is a tame turkey – one bred on farms and found
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  • A Turkey Spoon Craft for Kids

    by Kimberly Hays November 3rd, 2016
    Sometimes it’s hard to keep the kids out of the way when you are trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner, or there just may be so many people at your house that you would like for the kids to just sit still for a while. Here’s a craft that is not too messy, and easy to clean up. You’ll just need to go to the dollar store to buy the
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  • A Symbolic Poppy Craft for Veterans Day

    by Tania Cowling October 27th, 2016
    The red poppy flower has been associated with Veterans Day since its first observance, as Armistice Day, in 1919. A military doctor, John McCrae, wrote a poem, In Flanders Fields, about the battles in World War I. The poppy became a symbol because of all the poppies that bloomed across many of the battlefields during the war and the red color is associated with the bloodshed. On November 11,
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